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Learn about the value of Spoiler Alert

How does improving unsold inventory management impact the bottom line?

How does improving unsold inventory management impact the bottom line?

How does Spoiler Alert facilitate closeout sales?

How does Spoiler Alert facilitate closeout sales?


Free eBook: Using Data to Drive Food Loss and Waste Reductions

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Infographic: Enhanced Tax Deductions for Food Donations

Free eBook: The Ultimate Beginner's Guide to Food Waste

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Spoiler Alert and the Food Loss and Waste Standard

Donating Surplus Food: Resources to Understand Liability Protection

A Checklist for Donating Surplus Food

Resources for New England

ReFED: Rethink Food Waste Through Economics and Data

A data-driven guide for businesses, government, funders, and nonprofits to collectively reduce food waste at scale. ReFED is a collaboration of over 30 business, nonprofit, foundation, and government leaders committed to reducing United States food waste in the United States. ReFED seeks to unlock new philanthropic and investment capital, along with technology, business, and policy innovation, which is projected to catalyze tens of thousands of new jobs, recover billions of meals annually for the hungry, and reduce national water use and greenhouse gas emissions. ReFED was formed in early 2015 to create a Roadmap to Reduce U.S. Food Waste, the first ever national economic study and action plan driven by a multi-stakeholder group committed to tackling food waste at scale. See their reports here.

Food Recovery & Waste Diversion Programs

Food Recovery Challenge

The Challenge is part of the EPA's Sustainable Materials Management Program, which seeks to reduce the environmental impact of materials through their entire life cycle, including how they are extracted, manufactured, distributed, used, reused, recycled, and disposed.

WasteWise Program

WasteWise is a voluntary partnership sponsored by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) that helps organizations and businesses apply sustainable materials management practices to achieve cost savings and reduce their climate footprint through waste reduction.