Navigating excess inventory:

Tried-and-true discounting strategies in CPG

In today's dynamic consumer goods landscape, managing excess and aging inventory is a critical challenge for CPG manufacturers. Spoiler Alert, Campbell Soup Company, Kraft Heinz, and McCormick came together on December 12th, 2023 for an insightful webinar that delves into strategies and technologies for maximizing cost recovery, strengthening customer relationships, and enhancing the effectiveness of CPG teams responsible for minimizing inventory write-offs.

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The panelists:

  • Ricky Ashenfelter | CEO & Co-Founder | Spoiler Alert
  • Chase Carbone | Associate Director, Whitespace & Sales Solutions | Kraft Heinz
  • Bryan S Miller | Team Leader All Other Value & Specialty | Campbell’s Meals & Beverage
  • Brad Murphy | Director, North American Planning & Logistics Analytics | McCormick

Webinar highlights:

  • Uncover how Campbell's, and Kraft Heinz define excess inventory along with insights into the top contributors to excess in their respective organizations.
  • Gain valuable perspectives on the challenges of achieving a perfect demand planning model, including insights into forecasting capabilities and the impact of seasonality on CPG manufacturers.
  • Explore the delicate balance between product innovation and excess inventory management.
  • Delve into the organizational design of excess inventory programs, understanding how different companies structure their discounting and liquidation efforts, key KPIs that drive decision-making, and the evolving metrics that matter most.
  • Navigate the nuances of product mix, cadence of listing, and logistics strategies in discounting, including handling a variety of temperature classes.
  • Learn about the critical role of buyers in closeout strategies, including characteristics that make for a strong partner in opportunistic sourcing.

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