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Recovering more value for fast-moving CPG inventory

Demand forecasting is never perfect, nor does product innovation always lead to winners. We help brands focus on top line growth by not sweating the slow-moving stuff.

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We help CPG leaders with distressed inventory management

Improve cost recovery rates

Accelerate your sales velocity with expedited liquidation processes and tap into our network of reputable discount retail and nonprofit channels.

Strengthen customer relationships

Enhance your buyers’ end-to-end purchasing experience while monitoring the overall performance and engagement of your buyer network.

Increase your team’s productivity

Empower your team to rapidly market excess and short-dated inventory, easily configured to align with existing processes and relationships.


Pet Care

Demand forecasting isn’t always a walk in the park. We help pet care manufacturers ensure their excess is keeping Sparkies and Jinxes happy and healthy.

Health & Beauty

Whether you’re a premium or mass market beauty product, we can help you navigate the channels that work within your brand guidelines.

Personal Care

The demand for affordable hygiene products has never been higher, and the secondary market plays a critical role for empowering millions to be their best selves.

Home Supplies

Date coding can often shorten the sales window for household essentials, from cleaners and laundry supplies to paper products and other perishable merchandise.


Don’t let CPG products go to waste


Faster speed to market


Growth in liquidation revenue


Increase in sales channels