Spoiler Alert makes it easy for food businesses
to recover value from unsold inventory


  • Gain item-level insights into existing waste reduction and diversion efforts while identifying new outlets for food donations, discounted sales, and organics recycling. 
  • Arm decision-makers with real-time financial, environmental, and social impact dashboards to monitor progress and facilitate continuous improvements. 
  • Align with existing business operations and workflows, including relevant inventory, enterprise resource planning, and warehouse management systems.
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Why Spoiler Alert?


Unlock item-level insights to drive operational improvements at an individual facility or across a portfolio of locations


Optimize the flow of unsold inventory to new and established outlets that unlock value before product ends up as trash


Clearly articulate what is at stake and potential ROI to facilitate key stakeholder engagement and alignment

Learn how Spoiler Alert works:

Watch the video below


Who uses Spoiler Alert?

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Food Manufacturers

Improve traceability and streamline tax reporting for enhanced tax deductions.

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Wholesale Distributors

Create Standard Operating Procedures to improve food recovery across all locations. 

Grocery Retailers.jpg

Grocery Retailers

Identify outlets for unsaleable product, while strengthening corporate responsibility.

What value does your unsold inventory hold?
Let's find out. 

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