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With Spoiler Alert, inventory moves faster.

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Win-win for suppliers and buyers

Spoiler Alert introduces intelligence and automation into existing workflows to deliver more sales, faster service, and an improved customer experience.

More volume

Greater access to inventory with more shelf life drives more business

Higher velocity

Consistent process with fewer steps for everyone accelerates transactions

Better experience

Buyers purchase seamlessly with existing and intuitive workflows


The way suppliers and buyers prefer to collaborate

We remove the friction from discounting. With Spoiler Alert, suppliers use online tools to communicate inventory and process sales more quickly and easily. Buyers continue to work straight out of their inboxes and through spreadsheets - without any disruption to their existing workflows.


Combine inventory data from different systems for a holistic view of saleable inventory. With simple and secure uploads, teams can eliminate bottlenecks and consistently manage excess, slow moving, and discontinued inventory from across your business.


Curate and control who has access to inventory, while remaining flexible and fast. With filters, distribution lists, pricing levers, and logistics calculators, teams can create custom offerings for specific customers or sales channels, with all the necessary information to drive sales and save time.


Receive, review, and accept offers all in one place. With Smart Awarding and counteroffer tools, teams can fast track “no brainer” decisions, and optimize order value and volume to meet customer preferences and freight constraints - with speed, intelligence and confidence.


Give your customers and fulfillment teams the information they need to process orders quickly. Automatically generate award forms in seconds, and know with certainty what inventory has been allocated and which is still fair game.


Discover products and plan orders with confidence. No more guessing games or cumbersome back and forth communication. Our offer sheets have robust product and location details that provide buyers with all the information necessary to make buying decisions.


Submit offers and counter-offers in a fraction of the time. Working exclusively out of a simple yet intelligent spreadsheet, buyers can quickly filter to relevant inventory, plan orders to optimize spend and truckloads, and cut hours and days out of the process.


Get quick and accurate order confirmation. Automated award forms fast-track purchase orders and fulfillment - giving buyers and their merchandising teams visibility into incoming orders.

Our not-so-secret sauce

Workflow automation

Automated offer sheet creation and intelligent negotiations streamline communication and minimize effort for all

Product catalog integration

Seamless integration with PIM solutions provides accurate and detailed product specifications for customers

Freight intelligence

Built-in freight preferences and cost estimations provide visibility into logistics and geographic limitations and prevent unprofitable orders

Smart awarding

Data-driven tools streamline and optimize inventory allocation across key customers to build orders quickly and intelligently

Analytics and reporting

Curated dashboards and reports provide visibility into key performance metrics and opportunities to enhance relationships and results

success with spoiler alert

The way suppliers and buyers prefer to collaborate

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At Kraft Heinz, food waste mitigation is a top priority. Our goal is to deliver more product into the hands of consumers through our value-channel retailers that specialize in opportunistic purchasing. Spoiler Alert lets us take these efforts to new heights, enabling our team to be better partners with our key retail customers and more rapidly respond to fluctuations in supply.

Faster in offering inventory to customers
Reduction in overall inventory processing time
Head of U.S. Sales Solutions
Kraft Heinz
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We’re extremely pleased with the results of our partnership with Spoiler Alert so far, we take great pride in keeping these products in-market and in a way that reinforces our corporate commitments to lowering the climate impacts of our supply chain.

SVP, Sales Strategy and Operations
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