Learn how Ferrara increased discounting revenue, sell-through, cost sold, and more in our latest case study!

Supercharge your sales

Get data insights, a vetted buyer network, and proven strategies to improve your markdown performance.

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Transform your sales with Spoiler Alert


Faster speed to market

Get more and faster bids from buyers for optimal process efficiency


Growth in discount revenue

Improve the bottom line with increased sales and decreased waste


Increase in sales channels

Identify new outlets for your hard to move products and locations

Workflow Automation

Streamline your sales process

Spoiler Alert digitizes discounting workflows and customer communications to make the entire process more efficient. With an intuitive user interface and time-saving shortcuts, your team can centralize and fast-track sales efforts at scale. Less manual work means more time on projects that matter.

  • Configurable inventory data transformation
  • Automated buyer offer sheet generation
  • Guided counter-offer communication and awarding
  • Buyer offer processing and order generation
Buyer engagement

Deepen your value-channel relationships

Grow your business and increase satisfaction with value-channel partners. Create fast, frictionless, personalized buying experiences, collaborate with performance data to identify win-win growth opportunities, and tap into our national network of vetted buyers to fill strategic gaps and expand reach.

  • Detailed performance reports for buyers
  • Data-driven insights for key buyer account reviews
  • Buyer portfolio health assessment
  • New buyer identification, evaluation, and onboarding
Data analytics

Unlock insights hidden
in your data

Our dashboards and reports empower you to use your own historical data to continuously track progress, optimize results, and improve your process. With KPI monitoring at your fingertips, keep executives and stakeholders up to speed on program performance.

  • Detailed sales performance KPIs
  • Trend analysis by category, brand, SKU,
    location, and channel
  • Alerts to flag abnormalities and opportunities
  • Value recovery optimization recommendations
success with spoiler alert

The way suppliers and buyers prefer to collaborate

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At Kraft Heinz, food waste mitigation is a top priority. Our goal is to deliver more product into the hands of consumers through our value-channel retailers that specialize in opportunistic purchasing. Spoiler Alert lets us take these efforts to new heights, enabling our team to be better partners with our key retail customers and more rapidly respond to fluctuations in supply.

Faster in offering inventory to customers
Reduction in overall inventory processing time
Head of U.S. Sales Solutions
Kraft Heinz
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We are committed to reducing excess inventory through our investment in supply chain technology with Spoiler Alert. The platform not only enhances the efficiency of processes, but also leverages data to analyze trends and opportunities in surplus inventory, increases sales velocity, and reduces food waste.

Executive Director in Supply Chain