Ferrara, one of the nation’s largest confections companies, faced challenges with order fulfillment, freight costs, and a suboptimal buyer experience. With a mission to improve reliability, efficiency and scalability, the Ferrara team began working with Spoiler Alert to digitize and optimize their discounting program. Hear their story firsthand in this case study that covers:

The challenges: Learn how offline, heavily manual processes limited the speed and accuracy of the team. As a result, financial outcomes weren’t what they could be and buyer communications were inconsistent.

Program goals: Get insights into the goals of a maturing program and what the Ferrara team sought to achieve by digitizing their processes. See how this drove the specific changes implemented by the Spoiler Alert team.

Process changes: Dive into the strategic changes, from awarding methods to buyer engagement, that Ferrara put in place to drive better outcomes. Expert advice helped guide the team to standardize processes according to modern best practices.

Results: See the bottom-line impact that the program changes have had over two years of work, as well as the time and efficiency improvements that drove it.