Unlock opportunities in the discount retail market

Gain valuable insights into the evolving landscape of discount retailers and their impact on the CPG industry

Stay ahead of the competition in the ever-changing CPG industry by gaining a deep understanding of the discount retail market. As inflation continues to strain consumers' budgets, discount alternatives are gaining traction. Keeping a vigilant eye on the discount retail arena empowers manufacturers to efficiently sell excess or distressed inventory and secure equitable prices.

To facilitate this understanding, we have selected five prominent, publicly-traded discount retailers. These retailers encompass a wide spectrum, ranging from specialized grocery outlets to home goods and apparel stores. Discover how these retailers navigate the current macroeconomic climate and capitalize on opportunistic purchasing to drive growth.

  • 2023 Third Quarter Results: Gain in-depth analysis of third-quarter performance among discount retailers. Explore the comparable store sales and gross margins of each retailer, revealing the driving forces behind their success.
  • Movers and Shakers: Stay up to date with recent leadership changes and key appointments within the discount retail market. Understand how these changes shape the strategic direction and growth potential of each retailer.
  • Growth and Contraction: Track the expansion plans and store openings of discount retailers. Learn about their growth strategies and how they adapt to changing market conditions.
  • An Optimistic Outlook: Uncover the opportunities and advantages of sourcing closeout deals in the discount retail market.
  • Capturing Younger Consumers: Understand how the next generation of consumers are contributing to the future of the discount market space.