A leading foodservice distributor deployed the Spoiler Alert platform at nine facilities across five states, standardizing its processes for managing unsold inventory and reducing the volume of food sent to landfill in less than a month.

Realized Value

In the first two months after implementation, the company experienced:

  • 55 users trained and onboarded across 9 facilities
  • 19 new hunger relief organizations engaged and supported
  • 5 product destinations leveraged, including food donations, salvage, animal feed, controlled combustion, and landfill
  • 2,000 donation receipts centrally organized for its Corporate Tax team
  • 100,000 meals donated to community partners

The Opportunity

Prior to Spoiler Alert, each of the company’s individual facilities used different systems and processes for assessing shrink and managing unsold food inventory across various donation, salvage, recycling, and waste outlets. This lack of standardization made it difficult to benchmark facility performance, share best practices, and aggregate important environmental and social metrics at a corporate level. The company wanted a consistent, scalable solution that could be implemented efficiently at multiple facilities in a short timeframe.

The Solution

The company’s IT team worked closely with Spoiler Alert’s Engineering team to integrate each facility’s unique product catalog and SKU dataset into the platform, enabling simplified reporting and item-level tracking of unsold volumes, product categories, and shrink reason codes. To support the transition, Spoiler Alert’s Customer Success team worked with executive leadership and inventory control to develop and implement standard operating procedures (SOPs) that reflect the process for recording unsold inventory data in the platform and managing end destinations for these products. Spoiler Alert then delivered a dedicated, online training to review the new procedures and distributed both electronic and hard copies of its customized manual and SOPs to each facility.

A major advantage of partnering with Spoiler Alert is the team’s efforts to support relationship building with the facilities’ various nonprofit partners while introducing a standardized approach for verifying donation volumes via electronic, itemized receipts. Spoiler Alert conducted training sessions with each facility’s nonprofit partners to explain how to efficiently verify donations. In some instances, pickup schedules were shifted or expanded around the company’s operations to increase food recovery.

Post-deployment, Spoiler Alert continued to provide support services, conducting ongoing consultations with facility operators and sending weekly and monthly email reports that highlight impact metrics, such as donation volumes, recovery rate, and landfill diversion success.

Spoiler Alert Multi-facility Rollout.jpg