Frequently Asked Questions

One of your suppliers has contacted you about Spoiler Alert. If you’re new to Spoiler Alert, you’re probably wondering what this means.

Your supplier has selected our software platform to improve the way they manage distressed inventory and process orders with their customers. This service is free to you as one of their customers.

What is Spoiler Alert?

Spoiler Alert is a US-based software company that offers food manufacturers and grocery distributors a suite of software tools to better manage unsold inventory. Our software platform helps suppliers minimize waste and meet corporate responsibility goals by managing discounted sales and donation processes for slow-moving, excess, discontinued, and distressed food inventory. Spoiler Alert was founded in 2015 and is led by a team with deep roots in supply chain technology and sustainability. We hate waste almost as much as we love food!

Will this change the relationship I have with my supplier?

No, your relationship will remain the same. In fact, because Spoiler Alert helps suppliers be the best possible partners to their customers and automate their back-end processes, they will be able to spend more time with their customers.

How will this change the purchasing process?

Spoiler Alert’s technology is used behind the scenes by suppliers to streamline and improve execution of their discounted sales program. There are minimal changes to the purchasing process and no set-up requirements or costs for their customers. Over time, customers that use Spoiler Alert benefit from a simplified ordering experience, a consistent and more predictable schedule, and an overall faster and more reliable purchasing process.

Will I be able to make requests or provide feedback on the purchasing process?

Yes, we are always seeking input on how we can enhance the purchasing process, help get them access to more product and better service, and achieve stronger relationships with their suppliers. Feel free to get in touch!