What is the EPA WasteWise Program?

WasteWise is a voluntary partnership sponsored by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) that helps organizations and businesses apply sustainable materials management practices to achieve cost savings, improve efficiency and reduce their climate footprint through waste reduction. Partners commit to developing or improving their waste prevention and recycling programs, and incorporating sustainable materials management into their waste-handling processes. Launched in 1994, WasteWise has become a mainstay in environmental stewardship and continues to evolve to address tomorrow’s environmental needs. Benefits of joining include:

  • Opportunity to receive WasteWise Awards that recognize outstanding achievements
  • Public recognition in WasteWise publications, case studies, and meetings
  • Reduced purchasing and waste disposal costs
  • Outreach and educational materials and free one-on-one technical assistance

Spoiler Alert endorses the EPA WasteWise Program

Endorsers commit to recruiting organizations to become WasteWise partners and providing members with promotional or technical information about WasteWise.

Want to join the EPA WasteWise program?

For more information on New England participation, contact Janet Bowen at bowen.janet@epa.gov or 617-918-1795.