Spoiler Alert Features





Customize your experience.

Get notified when surplus food is available through text alerts, emails, or in-app notifications.

Stay in the know, on the go.

Never miss an opportunity to stay updated on new posts, claims, or messages. We travel with you. 




Filter the noise.

Set notifications based on geography, quality, transportation, and handling requirements. Decide what's most relevant for your operations. 

Find what you want, when you want.

Streamline your marketplace experience and discover more tailored search results. 



Distribution Networks

You’re in full control of who can see your available food and who can receive or buy it.

Strengthen existing connections

Private and secure

Send posts directly to a specific organization within your network.

Organize your network using a distribution list to alert many potential recipients.


Build new relationships

Rapid and transparent

Create open posts that are available to the entire Spoiler Alert community.


Messaging on Spoiler Alert



Coordinate in real-time.

Efficiently manage logistics of food recovery with seamless messaging.

Simplify your communications.

Find messages in one, centralized mailbox with a complete conversation history to help you stay organized.   




Forget the hassle.

We worry about the payments so you don't have to. Save time tracking down invoices and focus more on your business.

Complete transactions effortlessly.

Our trusted payments system is easy to set up, fast, and secure. 

Stripe connection on Spoiler Alert

Reporting on Spoiler Alert.jpg


Track your progress.

Search through your transaction history to track important financial, environmental, and social metrics. 

Build insightful reports.

Export your data to share your food recovery and waste diversion success with internal and external stakeholders. 


Tax documentation

Stay organized.

Get automated receipts of your completed donations that document necessary information for tax filings.

Maximize your benefits.

Use our built-in calculator to maximize your tax benefits based on the most recent national legislation.

Impress your accountant.

Make it easy for your company's accountant to file for enhanced tax deductions with all relevant documentation.



Tax documentation on Spoiler Alert

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