Spoiler Alert's 2022 Impact Report

Resilient supply chains for a more sustainable future

Looking to learn more about how Spoiler Alert and our community is making a difference in the fight against waste? Download our 2022 Impact Report and gain exclusive access to insights and data on how, with the support of our customers, partners, and investors, we saved 325 million pounds of CPG product from going to waste last year.

Explore the depths of our impact in 2022, including:

• Growth of our buyer network: See how our network has flourished, connecting manufacturers and our private network of 600+ vetted buying organizations with over 10,000 retail locations across the nation.
• A force against food waste: Delve into our contribution against food waste and sustainability challenges, shaping a brighter future.
• The Spoiler Alert platform: Uncover the innovation driving our mission, propelling us toward a more sustainable supply chain.
• Inside our company culture: Peek into the vibrant culture that fuels our mission, and the dedicated team that propels us forward.
• Resources to inspire you: Access valuable resources that inform and empower you to join our movement.

By engaging with our report, you'll gain a deeper understanding of the waste issue and our collective journey toward a sustainable tomorrow.

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