Sausages, sustainability, and streamlined sales

The winning formula of Spoiler Alert and Johnsonville’s collaboration

Sausages being grilled on a bbq.
Johnsonville sign at their headquarters.

Discover the winning formula behind the collaboration between Spoiler Alert and Johnsonville, two industry leaders committed to tackling the challenges of excess inventory and achieving remarkable results. 

Our case study, "Sausages, Sustainability, and Streamlined Sales," provides an in-depth look into how Spoiler Alert's innovative software solution revolutionized Johnsonville's inventory management.

Here's a glimpse of what's inside:

Streamlined Sales
Learn how Spoiler Alert's competitive bidding process transformed Johnsonville's inventory management, making it more efficient and effective.

Financial Transformation
Dive into the financial improvements Johnsonville experienced, including increased annualized discount revenue and cost sold, and the recovery of several million dollars in potential waste.

Sustainable Success
Discover how Spoiler Alert empowered Johnsonville to make a positive impact on the environment by diverting a significant amount of product from landfills.

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How Spoiler Alert Works

Automate and streamline excess inventory programs to maximize value recovery

Reduce financial losses and increase inventory turnover associated with slow-moving inventory by automating your excess and short-dated inventory processes. Say goodbye to manual processes and inefficiencies. Embrace automation, intelligence, and innovation to drive financial performance like never before.

Aggregate & Communicate

Streamline your offer creation and communication effortlessly. Build and share custom offer sheets in seconds by seamlessly integrating inventory data from different systems. Leverage advanced filters, distribution lists, pricing levers, and logistics calculators to communicate offers.

Review & Award

Efficiency meets intelligence. Receive, review, and accept offers all in one place. Use Smart Awarding and negotiation tools to optimize order value while factoring in freight costs, distance, truck size, handling and more.

Analyze & Report

Empower your decisions with insights. View embedded reports and access advanced analytics to make better-informed decisions. Continuously improve your processes based on data-driven assessments, ensuring your inventory management strategy is always on the cutting edge.

Network & Guidance

Expand and elevate your buyer network. Our platform’s power doesn’t stop at automation - you’ll benefit from ongoing guidance and best practices from our dedicated Buyer Engagement and Customer Success teams. We’re here to propel you toward success every step of the way.