How does Spoiler Alert Marketplace work?


1. Post

List surplus food is on our platform in seconds and trigger real-time notifications to potential recipients.


2. Connect

Interested organizations claim the post and coordinate logistics with the supplier through messaging.


3. Report

Both parties receive automated receipts to track transactions, aggregate data, and revisit and share activity.

Want to see Spoiler Alert in action?

Fast & Seamless Posting

Capture product information. 

Select the food type, quality, and quantity in just a few clicks.

Decide transaction type. 

Post surplus food for sale, donation, or giveaway. Include if the product is for pick-up or delivery, plus your driving radius.

Manage your relationships. 

Create posts for the Spoiler Alert community, use a distribution list to alert your existing network, or directly notify a single organization.




Text and Email Notifications

Real-time alerts. 

Potential recipients are notified when surplus food is available through text alerts, emails, or in-app notifications.

Stay updated. 

Notifications are also sent when you have a new message or when another user claims or buys your posted food.

Be in the know, on the go. 

Never miss an opportunity to stay updated on new posts, claims, or messages. We travel with you.  


Message With Users

Coordinate in real-time. 

Efficiently manage logistics of food recovery with seamless messaging.

Receive notifications of interest. 

Interested buyers and claimers can message with you in real-time to coordinate logistics and transportation.

Simplify your communications. 

Find messages in one, centralized mailbox with a complete conversation history to help you stay organized.  

Who is Spoiler Alert built for?


Food Businesses

  • Generate new revenue, capture tax benefits, and reduce waste costs
  • Overcome inefficiencies in food waste management
  • Comply with food waste laws and regulations
  • Aggregate data to inform stakeholders and share success


  • Sell or donate your extra product, b-grade goods, and seconds
  • Empower your gleaning network with real-time communication
  • Source alternative animal feed and compost
  • Connect with local nonprofits and identify new buyers


  • Strengthen relationships with existing donors and suppliers
  • Connect with new suppliers and diversify food acquisition
  • Access great deals on steeply discounted food
  • Simplify fulfillment through real-time communication

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