What is Spoiler Alert?

Spoiler Alert is a B2B online platform that allows farms to sell or donate their excess product, seconds, and ugly produce.

Learn how Spoiler Alert works:

Watch the video below


How to use Spoiler Alert:

  • Sell your seconds and ugly produce on our secondary market


  • Donate to your current nonprofit network or find new local outlets


  • Track your sales and donations through our dashboard


Spoiler Alert online marketplace for surplus food

Spoiler Alert Testimonial: WholeCrops

“We are working to assess how on-farm food loss can be prevented while scaling up our local food economy. With the support of the World Wildlife Fund and USDA, we are applying the Spoiler Alert platform to help farmers make their product visible to potential buyers, saving time and reducing waste by only harvesting what they have already sold.”
— Hannah Semler, President and Founder of WholeCrops

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