What is Spoiler Alert?

Spoiler Alert is a B2B online platform that allows farms to sell or donate their excess product, seconds, and ugly produce.

Learn how Spoiler Alert works:

Watch the video below


How to use Spoiler Alert:

  • Sell your seconds and ugly produce on our secondary market


  • Donate to your current nonprofit network or find new local outlets


  • Track your sales and donations through our dashboard


Spoiler Alert online marketplace for surplus food

Spoiler Alert case study: Healthy Acadia

“Spoiler Alert is replacing the phone call and providing more information in a way that can be revisited and shared. The information can be managed and food recovery can be tracked.”
— Hannah Semler, Gleaning Coordinator for Healthy Acadia

Learn how Healthy Acadia uses Spoiler Alert for better communication, coordination, and organization to support their gleaning network and food recovery program efforts in Maine.

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