• What is Spoiler Alert?

  • What is Spoiler Alert?

    Spoiler Alert's New England Marketplace is a business-to-business online marketplace that helps organizations manage otherwise wasted food. Through the platform, businesses with healthy, surplus food and valuable, organic waste connect to organizations that can quckly put it to use.

    Use Spoiler Alert for food donations to nonprofits, discounted food sales to local merchants and nonprofits, and other giveaway opportunities.

  • How does Spoiler Alert work?

    Using any computer or mobile device, food businesses can quickly post what they have available, automatically notify our network of recipients via email, text message, and in-app messages, and coordinate logistics in real-time. Users receive automated receipts to track transactions, aggregate data, and assist with claiming tax benefits. In instances where food is bought or sold, payments are all processed quickly, safely, and securely using a trusted payment service.

  • Where is Spoiler Alert currently available?

    We are currently available in New England. If you are a food business, farm, or nonprofit in this area, sign up here.

  • Why should businesses use Spoiler Alert?

    Throwing away food is expensive! And for many businesses, it is now illegal. Spoiler Alert helps businesses find more optimal uses for wasted food with the click of a button. You can use Spoiler Alert to keep food out of the landfill, fight food insecurity, and benefit your business in the following ways:

    • Save money through cost reductions, new revenue streams, and tax breaks
    • Overcome inefficiencies in food management and comply with food waste regulations (already in effect in Massachusetts, Connecticut, Vermont, and affecting other states and cities by 2016)
    • Manage relationships and communication with local nonprofits and vendors
    • Aggregate data to inform stakeholders of food recovery and waste diversion efforts
    • Experience more seamless and efficient payment processing
    • Procure steeply discounted near code or “ugly” food products as cheap inputs for your food production
  • Why should nonprofits use Spoiler Alert?

    Hunger­-relief nonprofits, such as food banks, food rescue organizations, and pantries, can use Spoiler Alert to support their core mission: feeding those most in need. Spoiler Alert can help:

    • Strengthen your relationships with existing donors and suppliers through real­time communication and reporting
    • Connect with new sources of healthy food to improve the volume and diversity of food
    • Offer access to steeply discounted food
    • Save time and administrative headaches through automated reporting
  • What does it cost to use Spoiler Alert?

    Your organization can sign up for a Spoiler Alert account at no cost. Once on the platform, food donations to nonprofits are 100% free for both the donor and nonprofit. Discounted food sales and other giveaway transactions that take place on the marketplace come with a small service fee (this fee is waived for nonprofits). In the future, Spoiler Alert will offer both free and paid subscription packages at nonprofit and for-profit rates for access to advanced features.

  • Who is liable for food posted and claimed on Spoiler Alert?

    Spoiler Alert users accept liability for their actions and must comply with relevant food safety guidelines and ServSafe handling practices. The federal Bill Emerson Good Samaritan Food Donation Act provides liability protection for food donations made in good faith.

  • Posting Food

  • Who can post food on Spoiler Alert?

    Spoiler Alert works with many types of food businesses to reduce wasted food. Our network of suppliers includes food producers, distributors, grocery stores, farms, institutions, and restaurants. Spoiler Alert unfortunately does not accept food from individuals.

  • What types of food can be posted?

    Spoiler Alert accepts surplus, healthy food that is fresh, frozen, or prepared. The real­time nature of our platform is particularly useful for quickly finding outlets for highly perishable products such as fruits, vegetables, dairy products, and meats. These products are often the most nutritious, yet the most likely to be wasted. food is classified on our platform with the following categories:

    • Simply Surplus: High quality, edible food with no "fine print". Surplus can often be caused by overproduction, unpredictable demand, or mis-ordering.
    • Ugly but Lovely: Food that is 100% edible for human consumption, but may have a cosmetic issue. This may include food products that are blemished; are an odd shape, size or color; or have damaged or mis-labeled packaging.
    • Short Shelf Life: Food products that are close to expiration, such as "best by" or "use by" date. This may include time-sensitive products, such as dairy, meat, and produce.
    • Prepared: Unserved food prepared for immediate human consumption by a restaurant, food service, or caterer. This includes food that is prepared on a "take out" or "to go" basis that does not need significant additional preparation or cooking. Storage and handling must meet local and/or ServSafe guidelines.
    • [COMING SOON!] Waste: Food waste that is not fit for human consumption, but can be used for compost, animal feed, or other industrial applications.
  • What about “ugly” or “cosmetically imperfect” food?

    Spoiler Alert users love “Ugly but Lovely” food! We have a network of nonprofits and food makers that can distribute and/or incorporate "Ugly but Lovely" product into their menus today. Situations that might call for posting include: overstocked inventory, short-shelf life, slightly damaged packaging, mis-orders, or mislabeled goods.

  • Can I pick which organizations receive alerts about the product I post?

    Yes! Businesses can select a specific nonprofit or business partner or an existing network of organizations. Businesses can also create an open community post to discover new organizations and form new relationships.

  • Who is responsible for transporting posted food?

    When posting food to our platform, you can choose whether you want to post it for delivery or pick­up, and indicate a date by when the food needs to be claimed.

  • Claiming Food

  • When and how am I notified when food becomes available?

    Immediately! Users can customize how they receive alerts. Notifications are available via email, text messages, and through the Spoiler Alert app directly.

    Before claiming a post, users will have access to information about the product, including a brief description, quantity, location, expiration date, and handling requirements.

  • What happens once I claim a post?

    As soon as you claim a post, you can instantly message the food business to coordinate logistics. If the item is posted for sale, the payment will be processed through a secure third­-party payment payment platform.

  • Who can claim food donations?

    Verified 501(c)(3) nonprofit organizations that provide hunger relief to people in need have access to food donations on the Spoiler Alert marketplace. Nonprofits must provide a valid Tax ID to have access to food items posted for donation.

  • Who can claim items posted for sale?

    Items for sale on the marketplace are accessible to all Spoiler Alert users. Items may be posted for sale for a number of reasons: overstocked inventory, short-shelf life, cosmetic imperfections, damaged packaging, or mis-orders.