Take Your Sustainability Efforts to a New Level


Enterprise software to support food waste management efforts for wholesalers, manufacturers, and retailers



Import your product catalog into our system and gain item-level insight into what is and isn't being recovered.


Maximize tax savings and audit readiness through automated e-receipts and e-signature verification.

ReportinG & Analytics

Manage all charitable food donations in one place, and track important financial, social, and environmental metrics. 


A Look at Food Waste Reduction


The foundation for food recovery and waste diversion

The EPA’s Food Recovery Hierarchy is a great tool for prioritizing outlets for otherwise wasted food.

However, there are inconsistencies in how this gets applied from organization to organization, and even within the same organization from location to location.

Often times, businesses lack real-time responsiveness to the changing quality of food or don’t have the communications support or operating procedures in place to optimize around these tiers.


Volatility & variability of food

On the retail level, there are inconsistencies in store donations, with extreme variability in terms of the success of how donation programs are executed and big gaps between the best performing store and the average of the cohort.

On the wholesale leveldamages and expired inventory can be subject to extreme volatility week-over-week, putting operations teams in a difficult position for reacting quickly.

Solutions to Food Recovery


The tech landscape

When it comes to food recovery, there are a growing number of solutions that businesses have available to them. Some operate as for profits like ourselves, others as nonprofits.

These materialize through different business models (what you see in the green), through different industry verticals (what you see in blue), and through different features and offerings (what you see in black).

What is consistent across all platforms - at least when it comes to food donations - is that hunger relief organizations are at the center of everything.


Spoiler Alert's model

At Spoiler Alert, we have developed an enterprise software, optimized for bulk inventory at manufacturing, distribution and retail verticals.

Our goal is to align the food recovery hierarchy with a viewpoint that more accurately captures the actual flow and decision making process of inventory.

We want sustainability, operations, and finance professionals in the food industry to feel control over their food waste reduction efforts through greater tracking and accountability, real-time responsiveness, and automation of capturing critical information for claiming enhanced tax deductions.

Screen Shot 2017-01-21 at 2.07.24 PM.png

Spoiler Alert Enterprise Features


Item-Level Tracking

Upload your item catalog to improve traceability, speed up the posting process of your surplus food to donation partners, and gain more insight into how your excess inventory is managed. 




    Tax Documentation

    Donate through the platform or self-report to trigger automated e-signature verification from nonprofits and e-receipts for your Corporate Tax teams, giving them the ability to claim enhanced tax deductions and have the confidence to defend against audit.


    Relationship Management

    Preserve your relationships through a private network by posting surplus to a distribution list, or self-report donations to existing donation partners and import historical donation data. Alternatively, identify new outlets via real-time notifications to our online marketplace.


    Reporting Dashboard

    See the financial, environmental, and social metrics of your donation activity with data on your top recipient partners and the product mix of your recovered product. 

    Gain visibility into major improvement areas and changes in product mix over time. Find all of this information in a simple, centralized dashboard.

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